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This car was a belonged to a good friend when we were teenagers - in fact it was his first car.  We spent many weekends “cruising” the car scene in Phoenix in this very car. He parked it in the early to mid 90’s and it sat until I bought it from him in September of 2005. I am thrilled to have a car with this history and he is happy to have it rolling again and to be sure that it is safe from the crusher or from being parted out.


  • 352 FE professionally rebuilt with OEM grade parts in the mid 80s
    • Reasonable cam - pretty lumpy - I think that “in the day” it was considered 3/4 race but I am not sure.
    • Lots of dress up stuff - valve covers, braided covers for hoses etc...
  • C4AE-6090-G Heads
  • Cruisomatic - on its last legs I think
  • 3.50 Gears and a mini spool (recently replaced the stock gears and open carrier)
  • Factory air but currently lacking a compressor
  • 15X7 American Racing 5-hole rims
    • 215-10R15’s up front
    • 255-60R15’s out back
  • Hooker Super Comp long tube headers and custom dual exhaust to the end of the car
  • Top Gun (previous name for NX I think) N2O plate system

Next Steps (in the next year)

  • Fabricating the hot side manifolds, crossover and remaining exhaust components for blow through turbo
    • Flipped 428 LOG manifolds
    • 2 1/2” crossover and
    • 60-1 turbo with 1.00 AR hot side
    • Wastegate, BOV, and Fuel Regulator brand and size are still undecided but will be overkill
    • Blow through prepped 650 DP (on its way)
  • Looking for a C-6 - pretty sure that the first time it hooks under boost the Cruisomatic will go away (Update - found one)
  • Lincoln Mark VIII Fan and relays
  • 3G Alternator Conversion (have the alternator)
  • 255-60R15 BFG Drag Radials
  • Rear Springs/shocks - not sure what to use yet but I want to stand the rear of the car up by an inch or so without killing squat at launch
  • Disk brake conversion for the front

Future (over the next couple of years)

  • Wideband OT
  • Boost Controller
  • Locker and 31 spline axles
  • 8 or 10 point 4130 cage
  • 410” (approximately - probably 414) 390 based short block
    • Forged crank and rods
    • Good low comp boost pistons - 8.5:1 or so...
    • Premium fasteners all the way around
    • Fully balanced
    • SFI Dampener and Flex plate
  • Head work on the existing heads or Edelbrock aluminum units
  • More boost - either a 76mm turbo or small twins
  • Fully fabricated headers
  • Either an adapter based installation of a 4R70W or a Lentech unit with the FE bell housing added
  • Custom mini-tubs and fabbed fourth link
  • Quality paint - not show quality but close.  This is a driver/racer and I want it to look good but don’t want to spend my life not driving it for fear of messing up the paint.

Day-Dream Stuff

  • Big inch Genesis or Shelby block FE with premium internals
  • Twin 76mm turbos (grin)
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